Career Maturity Workshop – January 2017

January 22 & 29, 2017 – Career Maturity Workshop

Dr. Harkness and staff are providing a two-session Career Maturity Workshop to help teenagers determine their future career direction based on their interests, skills, and current and future workplace needs.

CDF2-5-600These seminars – for teenagers and their parents (the final session) – are designed to teach teenagers and their parents about the critical importance of mapping student education/interests to future jobs. The seminar, which is underwritten by the Career Design Foundation, introduces students and their parents to the concepts of Career Design Associates, a leader in re-careering for adult workers. For the Career Design Foundation classes, Dr. Harkness and her associates are soliciting students and their parents to participate in the career workshop series at the Career Design offices in Garland.

Cost: FREE, provided by Career Design Foundation
When: Sunday, January 22nd and January 29th from 2:00-5:00pm

We are requesting parents, or interested adults, to attend the January 29th meeting to gain insight into the teenagers’ career information.

Email us at if you have any questions or would like to attend!

Learn to Manage Your Life and Career

Career Design Foundation is a non-profit designed to provide important career information and resources for middle school and high school students. Formed by Helen Leslie Harkness, Ph.D. and a team of forward-looking individuals from the private and public sector, the foundation is working with young people (pre-teen and teenagers) to identifying their current interests, strengths, values and natural talents.

After years of intense research, I have distilled the problems and possible solutions in a manuscript initially titled, Creating Educonomy: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and REALITY.

We must call on parents, educators, community, and business leaders to become actively and purposefully involved in designing a CAREER MATURITY PROGRAM for our youth while they remain in school. Without this our entire economic system will continue declining and our American Dream will wither and fold!

Our Purpose

Career Design Foundation is a non-profit, formed by Helen Leslie Harkness, Ph.D. to provide current career information and resources for middle school and high school students which are directly connected to their possible future careers.

Through the foundation Dr. Harkness and the Career Design Foundation team are working with young people (pre-teen and teenagers) on identifying their current interests and potential, strengths, values and natural talents.

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Executive Director

Headshot_Helen_Harkness_150-200Helen Harkness Ph.D.

Dr. Harkness founded Career Design Associates, Inc. in 1978 after experiencing her own career chaos. “Freedom is Knowing your Options” is the creed, the fundamental principle and conviction of Dr. Harkness, who says that career change often occurs when the pain of present circumstances exceeds the fear of change. Her short-hand equation for individuals in this predicament is CC = P > F, which means one only changes careers when the pain is greater than the fear of the change itself.

As a futurist and career consultant for over three decades, she has learned how to watch the workplace and predict future career issues.  In 2009, she began to research how the Texas education system was educating graduates about careers. Through much research and experience with the children of her current and former clients she has been providing career guidance and gained much knowledge and experience in the career crisis and confusion they suffer from as teenagers and young adults.

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