Student Workshop In Progress for September Mapping Your Future Career!

Students attended the initial Mapping Your Future Career workshop with Dr. Helen Harkness, Executive Director of Career Design Foundation, and Leigh Ellen Key, President, Jigsaw Ticket, LLC on Monday, September 21.

The workshop will continue next Monday night, September 28, from 6:30-9:00 PM with parents joining the students.

These seminars – for children and their parents (the second Monday) – are designed to teach children and their parents about the critical importance of mapping student education/interests to future jobs.

The seminar, which is underwritten by the Career Design Foundation, introduces students and their parents to the concepts of Career Design Associates, a leader in re-careering for adult workers. For the Career Design Foundation classes, Dr. Harkness and Leigh Ellen Key are soliciting students and their parents – usually recent high school graduates or incoming high school seniors – to participate in a “Mapping Your Future” career workshop series at the Career Design offices in Garland.

While Dr. Harkness has taught students from 7th grade through PhD’s in the past, her major goal is to help these students and their parents to understand and appreciate their school and potential career choices in light of current opportunities. Involvement in the Mapping Your Future process is a key component for students at this age, and may be even more critical for students in the middle school years.

Based on research of trends in the middle school age groups (especially among at-risk and ESL households) there is a significant chance that students without obvious educational choices and future goals may opt out of the education system. The purpose of this program near-term is to identify this problem and begin to address it.

About the Facilitators

The Career Design Foundation goal for this seminar is to share vital information on the future of work and the necessity for career management for teens. We hope to provide clarity for the future opportunities available to teens and to contribute valuable insight as we develop resources and programs to help parents and teens make sound decisions.

Leigh Ellen KeyLeigh Ellen Key seeks to change the career paradigm from one of frustration with “finding a job” to enthusiasm and determination in “designing your career.” Her Dallas/Ft. Worth-based business directly impacts how young adults choose and manage their careers over their lifetimes and also how universities and other institutions deliver career services. As a non-profit executive, she has designed and managed adult experiential education programs and services at an internationally acclaimed yoga and holistic health educational retreat. These programmatic experiences and trainings directly assisted clients in changing their lifestyles and self-limiting beliefs in order to transform their lives. She also has assisted nonprofit Boards in developing and managing their mission, organization, programs, and fundraising. Before finding this career path, she worked extensively in deal structuring and marketing, strategic planning, and financial analysis experience in the energy industry.

Headshot_Helen_Harkness_150-200Dr. Harkness founded Career Design Associates, Inc. in 1978 after experiencing her own career chaos. “Freedom is Knowing your Options” is the creed, the fundamental principle and conviction of Dr. Harkness, who says that career change often occurs when the pain of present circumstances exceeds the fear of change. Her short-hand equation for individuals in this predicament is CC = P > F, which means one only changes careers when the pain is greater than the fear of the change itself. She established Career Design Foundation in 2013 to help orient children from 7th – 12th grades and their parents about the critical needs these students have to understand and appreciate their choices in light of current opportunities. Parent or role model involvement is a critical component of the success of the program.

Call 972-278-4701 or email to to make reservations. Space is limited to 15 students and their parents for this workshop. Another workshop may be added if necessary. Do participate!